Rodostamo Spa – Relaxing Spa Holidays in Corfu

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Rodostamo Spa – Spa holidays in Corfu

Rodostamo SpaSpending your holiday in Rodostamo is a treat in itself. Its lavish facilities and services guarantee a unique luxury experience in Corfu, that will stay with you forever. While you are here, you have the opportunity to further enhance the pleasure of your stay by paying a relaxing visit to the hotel’s in-house spa. Even if you are not hotel guest, Rodostamo Spa is waiting for you, right at the heart of the resort, ready to welcome you for a revitalizing session.

This is the place for indulging in the ultimate therapeutic holiday experience in Corfu. In cooperation with ELEMIS, a leading British skincare and spa brand, we guarantee to offer you moments of pampering and relaxation, using the most influential products available in the market. ELEMIS is a pioneer in the field of spa treatments and the beauty industry, combining cutting-edge technology with natural ingredients to come up with unique formulas and therapies that truly transform your skin. Cleanse your body and spirit investing in a well-deserved personal break, which is an essential part of your holiday anyway. Trust your well-being in the experienced hands of the ELEMIS-trained staff, choose the therapeutic treatment that best suits your physical and emotional needs and allow yourself to indulge in soft pampering.

Rodostamo Spa proposes a variety of beauty and wellness treatments for both men and women to wash away your stress and offer deep relaxation. The results are guaranteed and immediate, thanks to the high quality of products and award-winning services provided by ELEMIS, a result of years of professional experience. From massages to facials, detoxifying and hydrating treatments to hand and foot care, Rodostamo Spa has a lot to offer to anyone seeking to kick back and release the pressure. After a long day of soaking up the Ionian sun, or soaking in salty sea water and exploring the beauties of the island, your skin and muscles will be grateful to receive some much-desired care.

Rodostamo Spa

You can try out a head-to-toe massage, such as the Rodostamo Signature Treatment, or one of the personalized massage session options, choosing your ideal duration, which will work deep into your muscles and leave you feeling revived. And if you are looking for something more focused on giving you hydrated and refined skin, go for an ELEMIS exotic nourishing wrap, promising to quench your “thirsty” skin, or a body scrub to cleanse your skin and give you that healthy summer glow. The nourishing ingredients used in these sessions will not only refresh and hydrate your skin, but also restore mental balance with their combination of fragrances and aromas.

In case you just want a quick boost in your mood and appearance, Rodostamo Spa offers a series of speed treatments, using a targeted approach to the area that needs to be taken care of. Whether it is your face, eyes or neck and shoulder that require pampering, the spa has just the right solution to cater to your needs.

Against the notion that men do not feel the need to be pampered, Rodostamo Spa more than welcomes male visitors for a revitalizing spa session, releasing stress and fighting off fatigue while moisturizing and deeply cleansing the skin. Last but not least, all visitors are invited for a hands and feet treatment, adding to your holiday a small detail that makes a significant difference. Treat yourself to a refreshing experience and enhance your well-being before going out to explore Corfu with different eyes.