10 travel tips for your holidays in Corfu Island

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Holidays in Corfu – Travel Tips

Welcome to Corfu; a Greek island like no other, fusing rich culture, wildly verdant landscapes and Venetian elegance. From quaint mountain villages and pristine beaches to cosmopolitan resorts and the metropolitan vibe of the historic centre, Corfu seems to hold the ultimate recipe for seduction. This makes it the perfect place for luxury holidays, with an endless coastline and abundantly verdant interior hiding treasures that wait to be discovered. Here are our top 10 travel tips to get the most out of your summer holidays in Corfu, that cater to all your senses.

1. Rent a boat

The rugged coastline of Corfu is full of small, remote coves carved into the island’s contour. Renting a boat is the best choice if you want to explore their hidden beauty. The north-eastern coast is probably one of the nicest places to do so, boasting a series of crescent bays and small pebbled beaches.

holidays in corfu2. Visit Corfu’s inland

Most visitors focus their travel on the coastal areas and beach resorts exclusively. And that is a shame because they miss out on a chance to discover the charms of Corfu’s interior. Sculpted by lush gorges and the hills of Mount Pantokrator, the island’s inland is worth your while, as well as the enchanting, sleepy villages scattered in it. Old Perithia, an abandoned settlement, is one of the must-see choices.

3. Hiking on Mount Pantokrator

Keen hikers love Corfu for its gorgeous hilly surfaces and lush interior. If you are one of them, or just enjoy adventure, take on any of the various trails and enjoy the natural landscape on foot. Reaching the Peak of Mt Pantokrator, the highest peak in Corfu, is as exciting as is demanding, with the climb rewarded by sweeping views.

4. Head to Campiello

Walking around the cobbled streets of the historic centre is a delight, with the Venetian architecture creating a picturesque setting. If you want to distance yourself a bit from the crowds and catch a more authentic sight of the city, away from overly touristy spots, head to the idyllic maze of Campiello, and experience the true, traditional feel of Corfiot lifestyle.

holidays in corfu5. Savor local cuisine

Regardless of your holiday destination, trying out the local delicacies is a must. And Corfu more than honors this principle. Do not miss a chance to try out Corfu’s authentic flavors. Dive into a delicious dish of sofritto or pastitsada, prepared with local ingredients the traditional way.

6. Drive safe

As in most Greek islands, the road network passing through Corfu’s rugged terrain is not too developed. Mountain roads are often very narrow and winding. Be sure to drive carefully and you will have the chance to experience glorious views like from no other spot on the island.

7. Weather

Summers in Corfu are hot and sunny, with almost no chances of rainfall. Luckily, the island’s rich vegetation provides natural shade to most coves and beaches and the sea water remains cool during the summer months nonetheless. September is actually when the sea is at its warmest.

holidays in corfu8. Choose your side

Being an island of contrasts, Corfu’s landscape wildly changes from north to south. Southern Corfu is generally considered to be a bit busier, while the northern part to offer more dramatic natural landscapes and a peaceful setting. What is certain is that, despite the contrast, both northern and southern Corfu has something to appeal to all tastes.

9. Visit the British Cemetery

An interesting, and not too often visited, site is Corfu’s British Cemetery. The graveyard stands just a short walk away from San Rocco square, ever since Corfu was under British rule. It still serves as a cemetery today for the island’s Anglican residents, though it looks more like a garden, blooming with wild orchids and other flowers.

10. Enjoy the music

Corfu has a long music tradition and it proudly celebrates it on every occasion; especially during the summer, when numerous music events take place all over Corfu town. Do not miss a chance to attend a jazz concert, organized by the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University, music festivals taking place inside one of the town’s fortresses or a music event by a local brass band.

No matter what you are looking for in a holiday, be it cultural events, stunning natural landscapes, food or outdoor activities, Corfu is bound to offer it. Plan your trip or just go with the flow and enjoy your holidays!