What to expect from a fine dining experience

Corfu Fine Dining - RR Mediterranean CuisineFor the uninitiated, fine dining can be a rather overwhelming experience. But putting aside dinner etiquette, gourmet menus, sophisticated wine lists and the baffling number of tableware, fine dining is essentially about eating for pleasure and enjoying every moment of it. Of course, one may expect exceptional food, top-quality wine and extraordinary service, which is absolutely the case, but also somewhat of a given thing; it is called fine dining after all. But other than that, and pretentious gourmand ranting aside, there are certain aspects of it which make fine dining truly stand out and that patrons may and do expect from such an experience.

1) A complete experience

We have been talking about a fine dining “experience” for a reason. Fine dining is far from being a mere meal. The focus never shifting from the phenomenal food prepared and served, which is the point of it at the end of the day, fine dining aims at creating an elegant and inviting setting in which the restaurant’s creation can be best savored, ideally engaging all senses. From lighting and music to the scent of the room and the feel of cloths and dinnerware, everything is arranged to a T.

2) Attention to detail

Most of the time, creating the right atmosphere is just the first step to actually building a fine dining environment. Once everything is set, from tables to artwork and flower arrangements, fine dining restaurants strive to make sure that every little thing is in harmony with the setting. Every tiny detail, however insignificant, matters, like the menu’s lettering or the scent of the candles. Even the staff’s attire is designed so as they blend in seamlessly with their surroundings, as an organic part of the setting.Corfu Fine Dining - RR Mediterranean Cuisine

3) Outstanding service

And speaking of staff, do not expect the service to be anything short of impeccable. Fine dining servers must be at the top of their game. They are highly skilled professionals with a thorough knowledge of not only each and every item on the menu, which they can explain in great detail, but also the business as a whole. They are perceptive, swift and pleasant, their presence discreet and choreographed, though far from forced, flowing naturally about the room; always there when you need them but not lingering one second when you don’t.

4) Top-shelf wine

Though servers usually have a fair knowledge of the restaurant’s wine list, most fine dining restaurants employ the knowledge and experience of a professional sommelier to help their patrons choose. So expect a wide range of choices, from the simplest to the most complex flavors and additional advice on food and wine pairings.

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