Ferrari owners club “Passione Rossa” visits Corfu

Ferrari in Corfu

If you happen to be in Corfu between June 11th and 12th and have a passion for driving, you will have the chance to admire cars made by one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the streets of Corfu. One of the most popular Ferrari Owners’ Clubs of Italy, “Passione Rossa” will be visiting Greece for the first time in June, with at least 30 luxury cars. “Passione Rossa’s” president, Mr. Fabio Barone holds two Guinness World Records for speed. He was the fastest to cross Tienmen Mountain Road in China in 2016, which is considered to be the most dangerous road in the world, featuring 99 bends and no protection barriers.

On this occasion various events will take place around the city, such as road shows, with both Greek and Italian social media streaming them, for all car lovers to enjoy. On the same time, the city’s stores supporting this exciting event will be organizing

 a draw. The draw’s winners will have the unique opportunity to sit on the driver’s seat of one of these Ferraris as they roam the city’s streets during the event, while one lucky winner will get a 3-day trip to Maranello, Italy, every Ferrari lover’s mecca.

The goal is to establish these events worldwide, holding them annually and constantly enriching them with new initiatives and experiences, boost Corfu’s economic and tourist activity, giving visitors yet another reason to visit, making it a major attraction for those passionate with driving. It is also a way to showcase Corfu’s natural beauty and let it emerge as a meeting point for Ferrari owners and other car lovers.

So if you are planning to enjoy your coffee or go for a walk in the town’s centre those days, don’t be surprised if you come across one of these bright red luxury marvels of manufacturing.