A Day in Corfu Town


Corfu Town

If you are planning a daytrip to Corfu town, you might soon find out there is simply too much to see, taste and explore to be squeezed into a single day. But don’t let the abundance of sites and cobbled mazes baffle you. The secret to making the most out of your one day visit to Corfu town is finding a balance between carefully planning ahead and wandering freely, with no plan or purpose, just taking in the beauty of the scenery; overly-planning could mean that you are trying to cram in too much, not allowing yourself enough time to really appreciate what you see, and no plan at all could also mean that you end up walking aimlessly, missing out on something exciting that you could have otherwise managed to do, but that also largely depends on what type of traveler you are. A day in Corfu town is a day well spent either way, that’s for sure. But if you only have limited time, try and make the most out of your visit.

Visit the must-see attractions of Corfu town

Paying a visit to Corfu town’s most popular sights would be a good place to start. The heart of the town used to be protected by two massive citadels still standing today, one in the east and one in the northwest of the town. In between are narrow stone paved streets, lined with little shops and pastel-washed houses and glorious bougainvilleas hanging from the balconies which, thankfully, can be easily explored on foot.

The Old Fortress

Start your day by visiting the Old Fortress, which stands on a promontory on the eastern edge of Corfu Town. Cross the bridge above what once was a moat surrounding the fortress, and start exploring the interior of the stone-built citadel, which is surprisingly large. Make your way up, all the way to the top of the fortress, which may be quite the climb, but is more than worth it given the sweeping views you are going to enjoy from up there. Don’t forget to bring your camera along!

Spianada and Liston

Once you are back down, take a stroll through Spianada square, one of the liveliest spots in town and the largest square in Greece. You will find plenty of shade to rest as the square is planted with trees, and makes for a lovely walk, with the imposing Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George gleaming in the distance. Continue your walk towards Liston, the chic French-style arcade that sprawls on the lower side of Spianada square. You can stay for coffee here, as it is a popular spot for locals to enjoy their coffee and chit chat while watching the world go by.

New fortress

If your schedule allows you to, make your way through the streets of the Old Town to the New Fortress that roughly stands above the Old Harbor and enjoy yet another stunning view of Corfu town from above.

Explore the Old town

Other than sightseeing, exploring Corfu town in a day means allowing yourself enough time to casually wander around the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town at your own pace, admiring the Venetian architecture and taking in its elegant charm. The historic centre of Corfu town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, combining various influences from each one of its successive settlers. Make time to wander into Campiello, Corfu’s oldest medieval district.

Kick back and enjoy the food

Don’t forget to grab a snack or dessert and a cup of coffee. There are plenty little shops and bakeries offering local delicacies and traditional sweet treats that you should definitely give a try. Or you can even stay for lunch in a traditional taverna.

Still got time for some shopping

Last but not least, treat yourself to some shopping. The cobbled streets of the old town are lined with lots of tiny gift shops, selling anything from linen clothes, leather accessories, wooden toys and ceramics to traditional products. Follow your nose and your taste and bring Greek coffee, kumquat and traditional sweet mandoles back home with you.

If you are thirsty for travel and holiday discoveries, the possibilities offered by Corfu town are seemingly endless. Rodostamo Hotel offers free shuttle bus service from the hotel premises to Corfu town, Mondays and Thursdays at 10am, and from Corfu town at 4pm. So get inspired by our suggestions and plan your own ideal daytrip to Corfu town.