Corfu Museums

Corfu’s location on the map is not only privileged due to the natural beauty of the scenery, but has also blessed the island with its cosmopolitan character, making it a spot of important cultural exchange and outstanding artistic output. So no visit to Corfu is complete without a tour of its cultural attractions that tell the story of the island’s past and constitute an integral part of its present. Here are just five of the best museums you can visit in Corfu.

Corfu Museums - Achilleion PalaceAchilleion

Arguably the most celebrated out of all of Corfu’s museums, the glorious summer residence of Empress Elisabeth of Austria is an absolute must and one of the most exciting museum visits you will get to experience in Corfu. The sumptuous palace, fringed by landscaped gardens, mimics the architectural style of legendary Greek royal residences. With its lavish interior and classical Greek statues adorning its grounds, there is no doubt that a visit to Achilleion will leave you in awe.

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Solomos museum

Dionysios Solomos is the national poet of Greece and though he was originally from Zakynthos he lived in Corfu for quite some time. His house, overlooking the old Port, is now a museum dedicated to his life and work. The exhibits include manuscripts, the poet’s desk as well as an extensive collection of portraits and books.

Byzantine museum of Antivouniotissa

This museum, located right at the heart of Corfu’s old town, on the edge of Campeillo’s maze, is one of its oldest and most important religious monuments. It hosts a wealth of Byzantine and post-Byzantine items, including 15th to 19th -century religious artwork, manuscripts and parts of murals from other churches in Corfu. The museum of Antivouniotissa has a remarkable presence in Corfu’s sightseeing scene as it is the only one that provides some insight into the intellectual and artistic production of that specific period.

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Capodistrias museum

Capodistrias museum is located in Evropouli and is dedicated to Ioannis Kapodistrias, the highly respected Corfiot politician that served as the first ruler of the independent Greek state. Housed in a former residence of Kapodistrias’s family, the museum is the only one of its kind and showcases heirlooms and personal items of the late governor. You can combine your visit with a relaxing stop by the museum’s café that stands within a lovely garden offering stunning views.

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Corfu Museums - Asian Art MuseumMuseum of Asian Art

The impressive palace of St Michael and St George is home to Corfu’s Museum of Asian Art, a somewhat unusual but unique cultural space, showcasing art pieces from the Far East right into the heart of the Mediterranean. It includes works from Japan, China, Nepal and India among a host of others, such as weapons, bronzes, ceramics and porcelains. The museum also holds temporary exhibitions on its ground floor, usually by Greek photographs.

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So, while in Corfu don’t miss the chance to visit our museums and take a taste of Corfu’s multicultural spirit.