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Spring holidays in Corfu

Are you looking for a relaxing spring getaway? Whether Corfu is already on your bucket list or not, visiting the island during springtime is a must for those seeking the ideal springtime destination. If shimmering waters and Venetian elegance are not already reason enough to tempt you, read on to find out why spring holidays in Corfu are worth your while.

Spring Holidays in Corfu

Corfu is one of the most visited islands in Greece, and although its tourist activity peaks during the summer months, spring is probably one of the best times to visit to enjoy the island in all its glory. Springtime in Corfu is synonym for blooming nature, sunny days and cool evenings. It is the season that truly brings out the natural beauty of the island and is most stimulating to all your senses. The stone-paved streets and rooftops of the venetian-style historic centre glow, bathing in warm springtime sunshine and the whole town is transformed by the beauty of the light. The town radiates clear, mild sunlight; one has the impression that, during this time, colors become softer, more luminous. Don’t be surprised if, strolling around the center, you hear the sound of flutes and brass, coming from the open windows of one of the several music schools. Τhe idyllic setting is completed by the scent of blooming flowers and salty sea waters. If that doesn’t already sound tempting enough, here are five particular reasons to visit Corfu during spring.

1. The weatherSpring Holidays in Corfu
The weather is maybe the best reason to arrange your visit during spring months. In springtime, the weather is ideal; warm enough to walk around and even go for a swim, but cool enough to remain pleasant. It is perfect for exploring and going outdoors to enjoy the nature. In other words, it allows for everything one dreams of for the ideal spring break; sun-kissed skin, sundresses and shades and lazy afternoon walks.

2. Peaceful setting

Another reason to visit Corfu in spring is the slower life pace. The streets are less crowded, though the town still remains vibrant. It is easier to find a table, and savor your moments in more privacy, peace and quiet. This way you also get to have more personal contact with the locals, a luxury you may not get to experience during bustling summer months. Roads are equally less busy, ensuring smooth and stress-free transport.

3. Easter in Corfu

If you decide to visit during that specific period, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique Easter celebrations on top of everything else. Despite being the only truly busy period during springtime in the island, you will get to live this amazing experience like a true local, savor Corfiot flavors and participate in traditional celebrations. If you want to learn more about Easter in Corfu, check out our blog on this subject for more details.

Spring Holidays in Corfu4. Outdoor activities

Spring in Corfu is ideal for engaging in a wide range of activities out in the open, apart from swimming. If you are a nature lover and enjoy living an active lifestyle, going outdoors, this season is most inviting.  From hiking and trekking in the island’s wooded setting, to biking or even plain walking to savor the natural beauties, springtime in Corfu is every nature and sport lover’s dream.

5. Affordable choices

Exactly because spring comes earlier than Corfu’s period of greatest tourist activity, it is most likely that during this time you will find the best offers and overall lower prices in the island. Accommodation, entertainment, transport, you can save up a lot from finding cheaper solutions as it is not high season.

If you are still wondering whether visiting Corfu earlier this year, wonder no more. The charms and beauties awakening during spring in Corfu will more than reward your choice. Book your spring holidays in Corfu, at Rodostamo and enjoy the unique experience of your early holidays in Greece.