Places for an amazing sunset in Corfu!

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Corfu SunsetsCorfu is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Marvelous beaches with crystal clear water combined with the verdant scenery spread all over the island. It’s an enviable place to spend your holidays in. If you are a sunset lover Corfu is the ideal place for you. In Corfu, there are many places where you can see the sunset. The only thing that you need to do now, is book your trip and find your ideal sunset by exploring the island. These are some of our favorite sunset spots in Corfu.

Loggas /Peroulades: the village Peroulades is located in the north, 40km from Corfu Town. Loggas is the name of the beach in the village of Peroulades. Loggas is an amazing place for sunset lovers, where you can also stay for a drink or dinner.

Pelekas: is a small and picturesque village which is located on the western part of Corfu, 13km from Corfu Town. Up to the Kaiser’s Throne, the view is breathtaking as you can see almost the whole island and the sunset is incredible. There are many restaurants with a sunset view.

Paramonas: is a sandy beach in the south, almost 23km from Corfu Town. It is not crowded and you can relax while lying in your sun bed, admiring the sunset.

Drastis: is a unique place which is located in the north of Corfu, 40km from Corfu Town. The whole landscape is charming, as the sea is surrounded by rocks and verdant scenery.

Kanoni: is near Corfu Town, 2km from the center. The view of Pontikonisi and “Vlacherna” monastery is beautiful! You can also see airplanes land or take off, as the airport of Corfu is close by. The best time to go is during the sunset. The scenery will reward you.

Afionas: is a lovely village perched up on a mountain around 36km from Corfu Town. From Afionas you can see the beach of Agios Georgios (Pagon) as well as the two unique beaches of Porto Timoni. Afionas is a perfect spot to see the sunset!

Agios Georgios (south of Corfu): is located in the southwest of Corfu, 30 km from Corfu Town. It is a big golden sandy beach where you can enjoy swimming from early morning and stay until late to see the wonderful sunset at the beach.