Events in Corfu during August

Series of events

In Corfu, there are hundreds of events which take part in the summertime. You can find the events that suit your personality and interests. The events take part in different places on every side of the island (north, west, east , south). So wherever you decide to spend your holidays, you can find an event around or if you like to explore the whole island and going every day to a different place, events days are the best! The events in Corfu begin from June until September. Below are many of the events around Corfu which take part in August.


  • 27/07-11-/08 Book exhibition in Spianada Square
  • 23/07-04/08 Dance Festival
  • 01/08-06/08 Peregrination in Pantokratoras Mountain at the monastery
  • 02/08 Local Festival in Vidos Island
  • 04/08 Varkarola in Palaiokastritsa – See more:
  • 04/08 Concert of a Greek famous singer “Kostis Maraveyas” in the Old Fortress of Corfu Town
  • 06/08 Local Festival in Pontikonisi
  • 06/08 Speech of the English ambassador Kate Smith SMG in Corfu Reading Society.
  • 07/08 Varkarola in St. Spiridon (which is at the north part of Corfu)
  • 07/08 Concert of the Greek famous singer “Tolis Boskopoulos” in the old fortress.
  • 09/08 “Hansel and Gretel” theatrical performance in Mon Repo theater in Corfu Town.


  • 11/08 Litany of St. Spiridon in Corfu Town accompanied with philharmonic orchestras
  • 12/08-13/08 Greek theatrical performance in Mon Repo theater in Corfu Town
  • 13/08 Greek orchestra playing songs of Greek famous songwriter and composer “Mikis Theodorakis” in the Old Fortress of Corfu


  • 23/08 Church Festival of Gastouri (east part of Corfu)
  • 23/08 Church Festival of Pelekas (west part of Corfu)
  • 26/08 Surprise event in the Old Fortress of Corfu under the full moon

If you are interested in any of these events during your stay in Rodostamo Hotel, don’t hesitate to ask us either on our Facebook page or the front desk!