A 2 day break in Corfu Island

If you are staying close to Corfu town, the beating heart of the emerald island, regular trips to its charming historic centre are simply irresistible. Even those already familiar with the stunning Corfu town wouldn’t refuse yet another chance to admire its pastel colored facades, walk its narrow cobbled streets and enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere. And for first-time visitors especially, a daytrip or two might seem hardly enough to enjoy everything the town has to offer. If this is your case, a little planning goes a long way in making the most out of your day in Corfu town. Below are just two suggestions for how to organize your daytrip in a most efficient way, so that you have enough time to go sightseeing, explore and relax.

Day 1

Start your day by visiting the Old Fortress, Corfu town’s imposing emblem. Walking all the way up can be quite a hike but the views from the top, across the sea and the Old town’s terracotta rooftops on the other side, are simply breathtaking. Back down and across the street for a nice walk around the shaded Spianada square; you can stay here as long as you wish, just enjoying the sun, or walk over to fancy Liston, the French-style array of arcades that borders the lower side of the square and boasts busy cafés where locals love to sit for some people-watching. Do as the Romans do and have a cup of coffee or some light snack, like a true noble. There will still be enough time for a visit to the Museum of Asian Art, in the glorious palace of Saint Michael and Saint George.

Day 2

On your next visit to Corfu town, head straight for the Old Town. Just walk around aimlessly for a bit, through its stone-paved streets and enjoy the Venetian setting. Don’t forget your camera as this is the perfect time for holiday photos. Wander through the maze of Cambiello, Corfu town’s oldest medieval district, and shop for souvenirs in tiny shops where you will find anything from wooden ornaments and leather goods, to traditional delicacies and local products to take home. While you are there, take a romantic walk by the sea, down Mouragia, and stop for lunch in a traditional taverna, for a hearty Corfiot meal.

If you are thirsty for travel and holiday discoveries, the possibilities offered by Corfu town are seemingly endless. Rodostamo Hotel offers free shuttle bus service from the hotel premises to Corfu town twice a week. So get inspired by our suggestions and plan your own ideal daytrip to Corfu town.