A day in Rodostamo Hotel & Spa

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No matter what type of traveler you are Corfu offers plenty of reasons for having you choose it as your holiday destination. Whether it is with its rich cultural history, lush nature and pristine beaches or vibrant nightlife, Corfu knows well how to entertain its visitors. But holidays are, above all, the chance to take some time for yourself, relax and escape everyday stress. So, while sightseeing and venturing on a search for the island’s finest beach does sound tempting, you might want to take a break from all that and indulge in a slow and relaxing day, preferably not wandering too far from your hotel room.

Staying in Rodostamo Hotel & Spa you will soon find out that the urge to spend the whole day without leaving the hotel grounds will hit you all the more often. The modern and luxurious interior, refined open spaces and high quality services can make spending a full day in Rodostamo an exciting treat to yourself that will keep you busy throughout the day, making it highly unlikely that you get bored anytime soon.

Start your day getting all the energy you need by having a full, hearty breakfast. You can have it brought straight to your room while you snooze a little bit longer or follow the rich smell of coffee all the way to the main restaurant where you can enjoy your morning treat. Choose from an impressive buffet or order your breakfast or choice to start your day just right.

After that, do not resist the urge to stay by the pool until noon, soak up the Ionian sun or cool off with a dive in the pool. “Rodo” pool bar will be there to serve you classic or signature cocktails and smoothies to accompany your slow and relaxing day.

Afternoons in Rodostamo are best spent in the spa. Pay a relaxing visit to our modern spa and indulge in a massage session or a pampering beauty treatment. Our highly qualified staff will take care of your skin after a day in the sun, deeply relax your muscles and leave you feeling beautiful and refreshed inside and out. And if you are feeling more active you can still go for a stimulating workout session using the spa’s fitness equipment.

It’s almost lunchtime and after treating yourself to a spa session you can head back to our restaurant and have some light lunch if you are feeling hungry, while taking in the extraordinary views. You now have the option to head back to your room to get some rest, enjoy your Jacuzzi or private pool, while you can also visit the elegant lobby bar for an afternoon snack or refreshment.

And finally what better way is there to finish off a fun day of luxury than an exquisite fine dining experience? Take your time getting ready and looking your best head to “Iliotropio”, where you can enjoy the richness of Mediterranean cuisine in a refined culinary experience.

Every hour of the day is well spent in Rodostamo, and after a full day here you will wonder why you ever thought about leaving in the first place.