Travelling in Corfu – Best Beaches on the Island

Corfu Beaches

Anyone who travels around Greece recognises at first sight that Corfu is not your typical Greek island. It has been blessed with abundant verdure, lush interior and dramatic landscapes, wildly changing from north to south and, most importantly, an endless rugged coastline, boasting stunning beaches hidden in its coves. No matter what type of beach you prefer to relax on, you are bound to find it in Corfu. From pebbled beaches, tucked under rocks and sheer wooded cliffs, to smooth sandy ones stretching for miles on end, Corfu has it all. Same goes for your preferences in entertainment, with calm, secluded beaches, often only accessible by sea, being as common as busy resorts and fancy beach bars. What is sure is that you will never be short of options when it comes to hitting the beach.

One of the most popular choices, and not without reason, is the beach of Barbati on Corfu’s east coast. The beach here is pebbly and stretches over a mile-long strip, against the imposing mountain backdrop, offering unobstructed views to the Ionian Sea. It is popular with couples and groups of friends but families as well. The beach is fully organised and shelves deep into crystalline waters. You can even try some water sports here if you like to stay active. If you are going for something more low-key, heading further north from Barbati will take you to the scenic bay of Agni. This small cove is fringed by lush green hills, dotted with cypress trees and is known for its picturesque charm and tranquil atmosphere. Other than soaking up the Ionian sun, you can stay here for lunch in one of the small waterfront taverns.

Arguably, the most imposing beach of those found in the very north of the island is the beach of Loggas. If you wanted to find the island’s most romantic spot to watch the sun set from, this is the place you are looking for.The tiny sandy beach of Loggas is hugged by imposing rocks, carved into the north-western coastline. And if you want to immerse yourself even deeper in this serene setting of unique natural beauty head for Cape Drastis, the northernmost part of Corfu. It is easily accessible and you will find many beautiful secluded beaches that are worth exploring.

And to get but a small taste of the beauties of the western coast, visit Glyfada. The vibes here are much different, with trendy beach bars and a fully organised beach. Covered in fine golden sand, this beach is gloriously crowned by the verdant hills of Pelekas and is a very popular choice even among locals. Further south, you will find the beach of Kontogialos, a vibrant resort boasting a sandy beach and busy tourist activity.

No matter where you are headed, it is most certain that whilst traveling in Corfu you will come across a small cove, a hidden spot for swimming or a large beach resort that will be engraved in your memory. Go out and start exploring!