Meet the Traditional Corfiot Cuisine – Top Local Delicacies

Corfiot Cuisine

Despite any stereotype you may have in mind before visiting Corfu, one thing is for sure; Greeks do love food. They love to prepare it, they love to eat and, most of all, they love to share. Sometimes even talking about food makes their mouth water. And how could it not, being as delicious as it is here. So if you are quite the foodie yourself, rest assured that on this island you have found your true match. Food here is much more than just a necessity. It’s all about comfort and cordiality and it is meant to be savoured; slowly, not in haste. Just like you would slow down and take your time to appreciate an old picture or a fading memory. Though, same goes for preparing the food I’m afraid!

corfiot cuisineSince you are in Corfu there are one or two things you don’t want to miss out on when it comes to food, especially one or two famous Corfiot dishes. Besides, trying out the local cuisine is an integral part of every trip. Keen travellers know very well that no travelling experience is complete, unless you have tried the local delicacies; let alone when they are as rich and delicious as those you will taste in Corfu!

Corfiot cuisine has absorbed many different influences throughout the years, from the various civilisations that found themselves on the island. What is certain is that it does include a lot of meat, which may be surprising for an island. Of course this does not mean that you will not have the chance to feast on fresh seafood, which is arguably heavenly. And even vegans will greatly enjoy the food, as Corfiot cuisine includes a wealth of juicy veggies, using the best of what’s in season.

holidays in corfuSo if you want a real taste of Corfu, look for some of its signature dishes, such as Sofrito which is a classic. Sofrito is prepared with tender veal, slow-cooked in a thick white wine sauce with garlic, parsley and vinegar. But Corfu’s iconic dish would probably be Pastitsada. Traditionally a Sunday feast, this meat casserole bears strong Venetian influences. It is cooked in a peppery red sauce, owing to the wine and spices, served with buttery pasta and local grated cheese. Far from it being yet another variation of a tomato sauce casserole, your palette will remember Pastitsada as being flavoured with cloves and cinnamon. And should you crave for some local fish, go for the famous Bourdeto, which can be prepared with different types of fish paired with onions in a spicy tomato sauce, rich in hot red pepper. Cool down paying a tribute to the kumquat, the tiny fruit with a robust flavour, sipping some sweet local kumquat liqueur. Feeling hungry yet? Dive in one of Corfu’s irresistible delicacies; your diet can wait for when you are back home.